Michèle Pollet

  • Accredited mediator FBC No. 1418 since 2012
  • Accounting Professional-Tax Expert No. 202.778
  • Member of the Professional Institute BIBF since 1992


In 1992 Michèle Pollet earned her accreditations as ´Accounting Professional - Tax Expert´ (BIBF) and ´Real Estate Broker´ (BIV).

In 1996 the company ´Immofiscal´ was created, with a name covering the two specialties: ´Immo´ stands for real estate, ´fiscal´ for the accounting and tax side.

When in 2004 conducting the two professions jointly was prohibited, the company had to reform, and it was then definitively opted for ´Accounting and Tax Law´.

Immofiscal was started up in Kortrijk and moved to Brussels in 1998.


  • Commercial sciences at the Vlaamse Ekonomische Hogeschool (Vlekho)
  • Accounting and management at the Hoger Instituut voor Bedrijfsopleiding
  • Wirtschaftsdeutsch at the KULAK, in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut
  • Business English at the KULAK, in collaboration with Oxford University


  • Active in a family production company in West Flanders
  • Former president and senator - JCI West-Brabant
  • Secretary and trainer - JCI Flanders
  • Real estate broker BIV 1991-2004 (given the incompatibility of the professions of ´Accounting Professional - Tax Expert´ and ´Real Estate Broker´, a choice had to be made in 2004)
  • Partnership with Agrementor, "the house of mediation" in Antwerp & Brussels.